Taboo, prohibition; special privilege or exemption from ordinary taboo; sacredness; prohibited, forbidden; sacred, holy, consecrated; no trespassing, keep out.

Today, our warriors stand atop our mauna kapu, Mauna a Wākea, in an effort to prevent the desecration of this sacred ʻāina. Known as Mauna Kea, she is kapu, or sacred. She is the mountain (mauna) of (a) Wākea (sky father).

Today, our warriors are being arrested because they would rather this than knowingly allow yet another telescope to be built upon her soil.

Today, our warriors oli, sing mele, share their aloha and stand united to protect this holy land. Yes, we all have our holy land. We would NEVER think to go to Jerusalem and desecrate its holiness. Same for our mauna. Why would anyone think it okay.

Kapu – sacred. forbidden. prohibited. If we don’t stand for her, who will?

He mauna kapu ʻo Mauna a Wākea -Mauna Kea is a sacred mountain.





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