vt. To throw away, discard, throw.

I had a great conversation on the telephone this morning with my daughter, talking about getting rid of all the “stuff” in our lives (she is inspired by this book). The word for all of this purging is kiloi. Throw away.

E kiloi i ka ʻōpala – Throw away the rubbish.

We think we “need” so much nowadays. We want to be so modern in our lifestyles that we accumulate so much stuff that will make our lives go smoother, run better, cook faster, sound sweeter, and on and on. And we don’t even have the time to really enjoy it because we are working so hard to maintain that lifestyle.

Kiloi the crap. And sit back to enjoy the nothingness. Hey, our kupuna didn’t even need all the shelves and cabinets and drawers and storage units. Some people today (couples no less) can live in “mini houses” that are less than 500 sq ft. And guess what? THEY ARE HAPPY.

I am going to read this book and get started.

E hoʻomaka ana au e kiloi i kēlā mea kēia mea o ka hale – I am going to begin throwing everything out at home.


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