hoʻo.kano Haughty, proud, conceited, rude, disdainful of others, insolent, vain; to act superior. ʻAi hoʻokano, proud eating; to eat food that one has not helped prepare.

When one acts like they are so much better than those around him, that type of rudeness is hoʻokano. I can hear my kupuna saying, “No be all hoʻokano.” Or getting scolding when I didn’t want to eat something because I thought wasn’t ʻono. That is full hoʻokano action. Yikes. Lickens. No like eat that? Starve then.

Hoʻokano kona ʻano – His way is so haughty.

He kanaka hoʻokano nō ʻo ia – He is, indeed, a rude person.

ʻAi hoʻokano – literally “proud eating.” Said of one who eats food that he has not helped prepare.

Stay tuned for more rude words!


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