nvs. Patience; patient, enduring, long suffering; to tolerate. Lit., great breath. Cf. aholoa, pauaho, paupauaho; see ex., lawe 2, makua. Ahonui ʻole, impatient. hoʻāho.nui Caus/sim. E hoʻāhonui aʻe ā pau kēia pilikia, be patient until this trouble is over.   

In our never ending quest to better ourselves, I offer up today’s Hawaiian word: ahonui. Patience. Literally, it means great (nui) breath (aho). You might remember Friday’s word, hoʻomanawanui – to be patient. Hoʻomanawanui literally means to “make the time great”. Same idea with ahonui. Big breath.

Our kupuna know the value of patience. I guess it comes with age. I am waiting for the ahonui ability to kick in. I do find myself taking deep sighs when I am in a trying situation. I am sure it comes across as impatience but I am literally trying to “ahonui”. Take that great breath that will help me to cope with the situation. I guess I shouldn’t make it quite so audible. And now I find my own children doing the same. Oh geez.

The ending of the school year is always a hectic time for me as an educator. This week will be the time to bid aloha to all the keiki and ʻohana that I have been privileged to meet, to get to know, to hug and share stories. I am going to take the time to ahonui. Take that big breath and enjoy those moments in time that make the memories.

Nui kona ahonui – He has a lot of patience.

Ua ahonui nō ʻoe i nā pōpilikia – You have been patient in the times of trouble.

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