Kahua Sunset

Kahua Sunset

Foundation, base, site, location, ground, background, platform, as of a house; an open place, as for camping or for sports, as for ʻulu maika or hōlua sliding; playground, arena, stand, stage, courtyard course, camp; bed, as of a stream. fig., declaration of principles or policy, doctrine, platform.

I had the privilege of performing a wedding on Saturday at Kahua Ranch. My understanding is that this beautiful ranch lies in the ahupuaʻa known by the same name: Kahua. I thought it was a perfect place for a wedding since kahua refers to a base or foundation and figuratively refers to a declaration of principles or policy. Kinda like marriage vows right? Promising to be there for each other in good times yada yada yada.

  • ʻO ke kahua ma mua, ma hope ke kūkulu – The foundation first, afterwards the building.

In other words, it is important to first lay a solid foundation. Once that is done, then you can begin to build upon it. This is true for things like building a house but also extends to things like learning how to read. And learning algebra is a bit difficult unless you have a solid understanding of simpler mathematics skills.

  • ʻAʻohe kahua o nā manu – There is no place of the birds to light (It is very crowded).
  • E hana mua a paʻa ke kahua ma mua o ke aʻo ʻana aku iā haʻi – Build yourself a firm foundation before teaching others.

Hoʻokahua – To lay a foundation, establish, found; to camp or be stationed, as soldiers; to settle down and develop a place, as homesteaders.

  • Hoʻokahua ka noʻonoʻo – settle down to a task with determination to see it through.
  • Koʻu noho aliʻi i hoʻokahua ʻia maluna o kahi puʻuʻ pele –  my kingdom established on a lava hill.
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