1. nvt. Wrapping, wrapped package; packages of ti leaves or banana leaves containing pork, beef, salted fish, or taro tops, baked in the ground oven, steamed or broiled; any cloth, net, or leaves used as a wrapper or carrier; to wrap or carry in such bundles. Laulau moni (Kin. 42.35), bundle of money. (PPN laulau.)

2. n. Hat rim.

3. vs. Pregnant.

4. n. Paddle blade.

I should make the word of the day SLACKER because I only posted two words last week. This is the point where I give you all of my excuses but it isn’t going to happen. No excuse. Time and energy. Life and laziness. But we are back on track and keeping up with the pau words. No need to change course with some sort of word dealing with hurricanes or winds or storms.

So we all know an ʻono laulau when we see one, right? Laulau refers to a wrapped package but more often it refers to that bundle of ʻono yummy goodness…pork and maybe a piece of fish, perhaps a piece of kalo (taro) or ʻuala (sweet potato) wrapped with several lūʻau (taro leaves) and then held together with two lāʻī (ti leaves). Then steamed for a couple hours until everything just melts together exposing cooked meat and…wait. I am enjoying this too much. And I am getting hungry.



Laulau has always been a favorite of mine. I enjoy eating the fatty part of the puaʻa wrapped inside, content to leave the meaty portions for anyone’s taking. I am a lūʻau lover true and true. I love a laulau that has tons of greens in it and I will take anyone else’s lūʻau if they will let me have it.

Laulau also refers to the rim of a hat as well as the blade of a paddle. And in a fun twist of meaning, laulau refers to one who is pregnant. Get it? It is like a woman has a wrapped bundle of goodness growing within. Cute right? Ua laulau – [She] is pregnant. I love saying that when referring to someone who is pregnant. Remember that and try to use it next time. Just like that. Ua laulau.

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