1. n.v. Not, without, lacking; to deny; zero, nothing, nought, negative; nothingness, nobody; im-, in-, un-. Cf. ʻaʻole, mea ʻoleʻoleloa. Maikaʻi ʻole, not good; bad. Paʻa ka ʻole i ka waha, holds “no” in the mouth. Na wai e ʻole ka hoʻohihi i ka nani o Leahi? Who can help taking a fancy to the beauty of Diamond Head? ʻAʻohe āna hana, hana ʻole, there is no work he won’t do. E ʻole nō ʻoe, if it weren’t for you; [sarcastically] you think you are indispensable! Na wai ʻole nō ka nele i ka ua mea o ka piliwaiwai? Who could help being poor with so much gambling? ʻOle wale, useless. ʻAʻole e ʻole, undoubtedly, of course. Eia aʻe ʻo ʻole wale mā, here come Mr. and Mrs. Nobody [insulting]. ʻAʻole e ʻole kona hele i kēia lā, there’s no doubt of his going today. He ʻole manawa ʻino (FS 245), don’t be cruel. hō.ʻole To deny, refuse, reject, veto, contradict, prohibit, protest, nullify, disclaim, renounce, repudiate; refusal, denial, negative. Hōʻole loa, to deny or refuse absolutely. Hōʻole ʻino, to spurn. Hōʻole Akua, to deny the existence of God; atheist. Hōʻole lama, temperate; teetotaler. Hōʻole wai ʻona, prohibition of intoxicants. Hōʻole Pope, Protestant; lit., deny Pope. Hōʻole pule, to deny authority to act as a priest. Hōʻole ʻana, waiver. (PEP kole.)

2. (Cap.) For nights of the moon beginning with ʻOle see below and Malo 31, 32, 35. Collectively these nights were called nā ʻOle; they were considered unlucky for fishing, planting, or beginning any important activity because ʻole also means nothing. 

Still on the mahina/malama (moon) phase. lol. Today’s “momi”, ʻole, refers to #2 above (although #1 and #2 are definitely related). There are four moons as it is waxing that are known as ʻOle – ʻOlekūkahi, ʻOlekūlua,ʻOlekūkolu, ʻOlepau. And there are three ʻOle moons on the waning: ʻOlekūkahi, ʻOlekūlua, ʻOlepau.

Keep in mind what #2 says above. Unproductive is the word that stands out. If you can’t seem to finish off projects you started or you are unsuccessful in your tasks, you might want to check if it is an ʻOle kind of moon. More often than not, it may be an ʻOle moon. Your best of the days would be the ʻOlepau days. ʻOle is pau so go for it. You may experiences some success.

I do believe the ʻOle moons are done for now (last one was yesterday if my calculations are correct) and today is Huna. If you had a hard time the past four days, that might be the reason.

Eia kākou i nā ʻOle – here we are at the ʻOle nights [a time of poor luck].

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