1. vs. Slippery, slimy, as with mud. E ua ana ka ua a kika malama, ʻōlali kika ana kikika i ka ua (chant), the rain rains so that the month is slippery, bright, slippery, slippery in the rain.

2. Also tita n. Sister. Eng.

3. Also sida n. Cider. Eng.

4. Also tiga n. Tiger. Eng.

5. Also kida n. Cassia. Eng.

So today is the day I birthed my second child, Kika. No, her name isn’t really Kika. She has a grand total of three names (one name each for her maternal and paternal side plus a really long manu name that honors her place of origin, Waiʻanae).

We didn’t start off calling her Kika. Her older sister, Kalaʻi (and by older, I mean 21 months older) wasn’t even two when she was born so her language skills were very minimal. We started referring to her little sister as TITA. You know. Tita (tee-tah). Not tita, as in you’re such a tita, which might sound logical living in Waiʻanae.

Well I guess when you’re less than two, and you are speaking more Hawaiian than English, the T sound is a bit more difficult. I am not sure. Nevertheless, Tita came out as Kika and it stuck for life. Same meaning. Sister.

The Hawaiian word, kika, is a transliterated word. Kika – sister. Tita. Same same.

Today’s He Momi is a birthday shout out to our Kika. She is a great tita for sure (and she can also be a tita, as in Waiʻanae), a wonderful daughter, loyal friend and BEST AUNTY EVER!

Aloha au iā ʻoe e Kika – LOVE YOU, KIKA!!!

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