Autumn. No Hawaiian word; terms sometimes used: hāʻule lau, laʻa make, laʻa ʻula, ke kau o hāʻule lau.

Today is the official last day of fall break for those with kids in school. Or my teacher friends out there. Thus today’s Hawaiian word: hāʻulelau. Sometimes you might see it written as two words: hāʻule lau.

Literally: hāʻule – to fall; lau – leaf/leaves. Super literal, right? Yeah. So there is no “official” Hawaiian term for fall because seriously, do you see fall happening here in Hawaiʻi? No leaves are changing colors on the trees in preparation for the winter’s freezing temperatures. We have lots of leaves. They are all green.

There are basically two seasons in Hawaiʻi: Kau (summer) and Hoʻoilo (winter). And we definitely have the signs that usher in those seasons that are quite unlike the signs you would experience in North America. These are signs that Hawaiians look forward to, depending on the season approaching. For now, surfers are looking forward to bigger waves, beachgoers are looking forward to whales arriving. Many are looking forward to cooler temperatures. Apples should be ready soon (if not already) up at Keanakolu and I wonder how the plums are doing in Kokeʻe. And then there are all the citrus trees. YUM FOR TANGERINES! And Kaʻū oranges. And all the lemons coming into season.

Many elementary teachers have no problems teaching our local kids about the four seasons typically experienced by North American-ers and Europeans. But what about teaching our own two seasons here and then building upon that? How about creating a book or posters about seasons in Hawaiʻi? (Stepping off of my soapbox right about now.)

Have a great last day of vacation!!!

ʻAʻohe kau hāʻulelau ma Hawaiʻi – There is no fall season in Hawaiʻi.

Ke hāʻule nei nā lau ma Wakinekona – The leaves are falling in Washington.

Hāʻule ka hau ma nā kau a pau i Hawaiʻi – The snow falls in all seasons in Hawaiʻi.

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1 Response to Hāʻulelau

  1. OldTomBumble says:

    We have this book: http://www.amazon.com/Winter-Is-Whales-Hawaiian-Seasons/dp/1597005045 Winter is for Whales, it’s great for kids. I even learned some stuff! It does talk in terms of summer/fall/winter/spring but at least it relates it to the islands.

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