n. Younger sibling or cousin of the same sex, as younger brother or male cousin of a male, or younger sister or female cousin of a female; sibling or cousin of the same sex of the junior line, whether older or younger. Cf. kaina, Gram. 2.7. Koʻu kaikaina, my younger sibling. hoʻo.kai.kaina To claim a kaikaina relationship; to act as a kaikaina, to address and treat as kaikaina, as from affection. (PPN t(e,a)hina.)

Yesterday we learned the word for older sibling of the same sex so it’s only appropriate that we learn the term for a younger sibling or cousin of the same sex. That word is kaina, or you will more than likely hear kaikaina. Same meaning. I remember when I had a set of twins in one of my Hawaiian language classes and they didn’t have Hawaiian names, I named one Kuaʻana and the other one Kaina. Older sister and younger sister. It is 20+ years later and they still use those names!

Don’t forget, the Hawaiian concept of family relationships is different from Western thinking. When speaking about siblings you need to consider, for siblings of the same sex, whether they are younger or older and use the appropriate terms.

ʻAʻohe oʻu kaikaina – I don’t have any young siblings the same sex as me.

He kaikaina ko koʻu kaikunāne – My brother has a younger brother.

ʻElua kaikaina o Kalaʻi – Kalaʻi has two younger sisters (Kalaʻi is a girl).

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1 Response to Kaina

  1. Kaina says:

    Aloha nui loa e Kumu!! Mahalo no koʻu inoa Hawaii🙏❤️

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