nvt. Meal, dinner, small party with dinner; to eat a pāʻina.

Yesterday, we learned the word for feast: ʻahaʻaina. Today’s word can be used for those who do a smaller scale celebration on Thanksgiving: pāʻina. Just a simple meal. You can use this word for your everyday kind of meal:

E pāʻina kākou – Let’s have a meal (let’s eat).

Pāʻina is also the word for party. So in this sense it could be used for more than the simple meal and gathering. A bunch of fun people gathering.

E pāʻina kākou – Letʻs party.

So if it is just you and your ʻohana or your significant other enjoying your turkey and mashed potato meal (or whatever your drother), you can refer to that as a pāʻina. Or if it is a group having a get together with some meaʻai (food), it is a pāʻina.

E maikaʻi ana ka pāʻina ma kona hale – The meal/party at his/her house is going to be good.

Ua ʻono ka meaʻai ma ka pāʻina – The food was delicious at the party.


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