nvt. A generous heart, charity, alms, donation; to give freely and willingly; gratis, free, benevolent, beneficent. hoʻo.manawa.leʻa Caus/sim.

Yesterday, I had the good fortune of participating in a fundraiser for a Hawaiʻi Island firefighter who was injured in a swimming accident. I was reminded about the generosity and goodwill of people. Manawaleʻa. To give freely and willingly.

As we enter into the holiday season, it is a time of much goodwill and giving as people get into the true spirit of Christmas.

The word origin of the manawaleʻa is quite interesting. It is comprised of two words: manawa, in this case meaning affections, feelings, disposition, heart, seat of emotions. In fact the manawa is the fontanel at the top of the head of an infant, that area of the newborn’s head that you can see pulsing, that sacred part at the very top, or crown, of the head. Leʻa is the word for joy, pleasure, and happiness. So together, it speaks of joyful affections, pleasurable feelings. It is the way you feel after you give freely to others, whether it be monetarily or through service.

Hui manawaleʻa – Relief Society

Ua loaʻa mai ke kālā manawaleʻa – We received cash donations.

Ua manawaleʻa aku ʻo ia i nā hoahānau – He gave willingly to the cousins.


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