ʻO ka pono ke hana ʻia a iho mai nā lani

Continue to do good until the heavens come down to you

This is a perfect ʻōlelo noʻeau (wise saying) for this holiday season. Tis the season of goodwill, although the season should last all year. This ʻōlelo noʻeau speaks about the blessings we receive when we persist in doing good. Funny thing is that those who do good, who help others without asking for anything in return are those who least expect to receive blessings. They are so enveloped in the spirit of giving of their time and resources that somehow that, in itself, becomes the blessing they gladly accept.

This is what we need to teach our children from a very young age: how to continue to do good until the heavens come down to us. So often we give children rewards for the good deeds…extrinsic rewards. They become so programmed to expect some THING for each good deed, whether it is good grades or sharing their candy. Do it for the reward or do it because it just feels so good or PONO inside ?

Love how you don’t have to wait to go to heaven to reap the benefits of a good life. The heavens come down to you!

ʻO ka pono ke hana ʻia a iho mai nā lani

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