vs. Calm, quiet, serene, pacific, still, silent, tranquil, gentle, gradual; calmly, slowly, softly, quietly.  hoʻo.mālie To calm, quiet, hush, soothe, lull, ease pain. (PPN maalie.)

One of several words expressing peacefulness is mālie. Calm, quiet, serene (and more). Mālie conjours thoughts of how everything should be in a perfect word, with kids. There is a kahakō over the a so there is a slight stress when saying it. A variation of mālie is mālia. Slight difference. Same meaning.

You may have heard this word being used in reference to the ocean when it is nice and flat, good to go holoholo.

Nono mālie – sit quietly/still.

ʻAi mālie – Eat slowly.

Lana mālie ka manaʻo – The thoughts are serene.

Mālie ke kai a me ka makani – The sea and wind are calm.

ʻŌlelo mālie – Speak slowly.

Hōʻale i ka wai ua lana mālie – Stirring up still waters (said of one who stirs up controversies).

Kaha ka ʻio i ka mālie – The (native) hawk poises in the calm (said in admiration of a handsome person).

Lele ka ʻiwa mālie kai koʻo – When the ʻiwa bird flies out to sea the rough sea will be calm.

Wishing you a mālie day.

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