nvs. Peace, quiet, security, tranquillity, serenity; safety; solemn awe and stillness that reigned during some of the ancient taboo ceremonies; peaceful, restful.  hoʻo.malu.hia To cause or give peace, protect; to arbitrate between warring parties.

Moe ka ma maluhia lani – Sleep in heavenly peace.

This is the time of peace. Christmas will soon be upon us. Time of peace. This is the time of Lono. Time of peace. Whatever you are celebrating during this season, I hope that you are being the change we want to see in this world by spreading goodwill and maluhia in the world.

The word, malu, also refers to peace.

E hoʻomaha me ka maluhia – Rest in peace.

E noho me ka maluhia – Dwell in peace.

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