Vacation; to take a rest or vacation; to retire, stop work; to obtain relief; to pause; rest in music (types are hoʻomaka poʻo, a whole rest; hoʻomaha poʻoʻele, a quarter rest; hoʻomaha poʻolima, a half rest; hoʻomaha poʻomana, an eighth rest; hoʻomaha poʻomanalua, a sixteenth rest; hoʻomaha poʻomanakolu, a thirty-second rest). 

You’ve probably figured out that I took a brief hoʻomaha – vacation. I didn’t even think about my daily words. It wasn’t my original intention, but the kids flew home, complete with grandchildren in tow. First the home was filled with an abundance of adults (four extra) and two moʻopuna and there just wasn’t anytime to jump on my computer. Then the adults left, a puppy appeared, and the two littles stayed here for the winter break. I am sure you can sympathize with me. It is a rough life…

So I took a little hoʻomaha: hoʻo- a causative (causing the action of the word following it to happen) and maha- rest. I caused rest to happen in my life (though I don’t remember getting much of the “rest” part). I stopped work (but for the brief emails here and there), took a pause on the hustle and bustle, and settled down to take a rest, enjoy the moments. A pause for the cause.

Ua hoʻomaha nā kula – the schools are having a vacation.

Hoʻomaha ʻia mai au i kuʻu hāʻawe – I am relieved of my burden.

Hoʻomaha ai ma nā kānāwai – to rest with the laws [obey them] (Fornander 6:159).

The beauty of the holiday season is that it causes us to hoʻomaha, even amidst the frenzy of shopping and partying and gift giving take place. Most of us take a few days of vacation from work and spend time with ʻohana. And it is appropriate to do so. This is the makahiki season, time to be at peace, play games, eat, drink and be MERRY! LONOIKAMAKAHIKI!!!

2015-12-22 08.47.28 1.jpgHappy holidays from my ʻohana to yours.

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