n.v. Steadfast, firm, constant, immovable; loyal, faithful; determined; loyalty, allegiance, firmness.

It hasn’t been quite a week into the makahiki hou. Today’s He Momi, Kūpaʻa, should be a reminder to be firm and determined in your new year “evolutions”, whatever they may be.

Kūpaʻa can be considered a Hawaiian value by which to live your life. It is comprised of two words; – to stand, and paʻa – firm. To stand firm. Immovable. This word is very similar to the motto of Kamehameha V and Queen Liliʻuokalani: ʻOnipaʻa, which means the same as kūpaʻa. Whereas kū means to stand, however, ʻoni means to move. ʻOnipaʻa – fixed movement. Two different words that mean the same thing.

Kūpaʻa ka manaʻo – Faithful in thought/settled in the mind.

Kūpaʻa kākou ma hope o ke aliʻi – We are loyal to the chief.

E kūpaʻa i mua o nā ʻenemi – Be determined before the enemy.

Ua kūpaʻa ʻoe i nā kuli e hemo ana (Job 4.4) – You have strengthened feeble knees.

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