ʻIno ka palu, ʻaʻohe e mīkokoi ʻia e ka iʻa

When the bait is not good, fish will not gather to eat it.

See the word palu? Palu is fish bait. Sometimes people use the word palu to refer to vomit (or to vomit), probably because it looks similar . But palu that is used for bait is skillfully made. It could consist of chopped up or pounded fish head or stomach or dried, mashed octopus liver. It is then used as chum to attract fish, in, say, fishing for ʻōpelu. Time is put into making palu. The better your palu, the more successful your holoholo (fishing) session. I think modern day fishermen use a variety of things, such as canned tuna and bread, for example.

This ʻōlelo noʻeau (wise saying) is in reference to knowing that goodness and graciousness always attract. One who is “not good” or ʻino, will not attract, just like the palu that has gone bad. ʻIno means bad, evil, and wicked. Things that are just not good. ʻIno can also refer to a storm, things that are spoiled or contaminated or harmed. So try not to be ʻino and definitely don’t be attracted to things or people who are!

Have a great long weekend!!!

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