Today is the last of the waiū words for the week (we will do an ʻōlelo noʻeau tomorrow). Today’s word is waiūpaka – butter. In fact, the paka part in there comes from the English word, butter. You might even see waiūbata. Which reminds me of a story from my hanabata days (not to be confused with hanapaka).

I remember helping my mom make some sort of dessert using the electric mixer to make whipped cream out of heavy cream. She kept telling me, “Be careful, you have to do it just right or…” you guessed it. It turned into waiūpaka. She was not too happy. I guess her recipe didn’t call for waiūpaka. But I, on the other hand, was totally thrilled that waiūpaka came out of that waiū kalima. It was fascinating. Like a science experiment in the kitchen!

Hope you all are making use of your waiū words. Here they are, plus a couple more:

waiū – milk

waiūpaʻa – cheese

waiūtepe – yogurt

waiū hakuhaku – cottage cheese

waiū kia – condensed milk

waiū kini – canned milk (like evaporated milk)

waiū pauka – powdered milk

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