He manu ke aloha, ʻaʻohe lālā kau ʻole

Love is like a bird — there is no branch that it does not perch upon.

Ah, love is in the air…Valentines is approaching. A fitting ʻōlelo noʻeau to end our week with our fine feathered friends, nā manu.

Love is all around us, and much like the bird that can perch upon each and every branch (and telephone wire, window sill, rain gutter, and porch railing), love can “perch” anywhere.

Of course, manu would hang around on a branch a lot longer if it was strong, sturdy and well protected from the elements that would threaten its well-being. In the same way, when love alights upon us, we must also be strong and sturdy and keep those close to us well protected and secure.

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