Hoʻopaʻa Haʻawina

To study.

Hoʻopaʻa means to “make firm” or “make fast” (recognize that paʻa word in there meaning solid or hard? Same one used in kūkae paʻa – constipation). Haʻawina is the Hawaiian word for lessons, assignment, or task. So when one makes the lesson firm, hoʻopaʻa haʻawina, they must be studying! At least that is the goal of it all, right? To those of you who are taking classes this semester to further your education, e hoʻopaʻa haʻawina me ka maikaʻi – study well! And to Jon all the way in Kenemaka (Denmark) learning how to speak Hawaiian before his big trip this summer – e hoʻomau i ka hoʻopaʻa haʻawina (continue studying).

Pono nā haumāna e hoʻopaʻa haʻawina i nā lā a pau – Students should study everyday.

Maikaʻi ka hoʻopaʻa haʻawina – Studying is good.

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3 Responses to Hoʻopaʻa Haʻawina

  1. Inger Hojfeldt says:

    Alohe a Liana. I am enjoying receiving your daily Hawaiian words and it has enriched my understanding, I mahalo you for that. I wrote you once before to tell you that I am Danish. Now I see that Jon is coming to Hawaii from Denmark this summer and I would like to offer your family a guided tour in Queen Emma Summer Palace. I am a member and a Calabash Cousinsʻ Liaison there. I hope that you and your family would like to come and visit the Palace. Just let me know about when that might be and how many people in total.
    Mahalo nui loa, Inger Hojfeldt

  2. Liana says:

    Mahalo Inger! Jon is coming 🙂 and they will spend some time on Oahu so I will be sure to tell him to get in his tour! IN DANISH! I love Queen Emma Summer Palace. I remember going there and listening to Aunty Leiana, so gracious in her presentations.
    Aloha –

  3. Jon says:

    Aloha Inger and Liana. Sounds great. It will be a treat, i am sure. Really looking forward to visit the Islands. And this Hawaiian language is really hard, so that makes it fun. I will just try some, hope not that my kumu will kill me for this:
    Nuha au a me hemolele kumu i Liana.
    ʻŌiwi TV nana au. Haʻawina maikaʻi.
    Aloha og god aften.

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