1. nvs. Land, earth, world; background, as of quilt designs; basic, at the foundation, fundamental. 

2. part. Suddenly, abruptly and without reason. Cf. kūhonua. 

3. n. Middle section of a canoe; central section of a canoe fleet, as fishing iheihe fish; main section, as of an army.

Honua. Earth Day. That’s today! Honua is the Hawaiian word we use for land or earth. Mālama Honua. Take care of the earth. This is the theme of the Hōkuleʻa’s around the world voyage. Starting from Hilo, Hawaiʻi, two years ago, and now traveling the east coast of North America, spreading the word of our earth’s needs,the Hōkūleʻa’s goal is to help people navigate us to a healthy future. Healthy earth. Healthy people.

Pele was known as the wahine ʻai honua – the woman who consumes/eats the earth. Makes sense, right? She is also the woman who CREATES earth as lava erupts and makes its way towards the ocean.

Honua also means abruptly. Makaʻu honua ihola nō ia – sudden fear. Huhū honua ihola nō, suddenly angry and for no reason.

Not surprisingly, honua also refers to the middle section of a canoe fleet or main section as of an army.

E mālama kākou a pau i ka honua – Let us all take care of our earth.


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