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Solar Eclipse (literally: dark day) I was watching KGMB news this morning as Mileka Lincoln (LOVE HER!) lamented the clouds obscuring the view of the solar eclipse. People gathered on the Eastern shores of Oʻahu only to be disappointed by the … Continue reading

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Turmeric Hawaiians have and continue to use plants to heal. One such plant that is commonly used to this day is ʻōlena, also known as turmeric. It’s likely you’ve had ʻōlena before, as it is a common ingredient in curry … Continue reading

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n. Lesson, assignment, task, gift (Rom. 11.29), appropriation, allowance, grant, or contribution, honorarium, allotment, award, as of money; donation, portion, deal or hand in cards, dream, article (section in a law). Haʻawina, the general term used for lesson, task or … Continue reading

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