vs. Satisfied after eating, full, satisfying; to have eaten, to eat one’s fill.

Are you “over it”? Did you walk around yesterday so full that you couldn’t even imagine eating anything else? Only to grab yourself a piece of pie? Yeah. That was me.

Māʻona, usually pronounced māʻana (but never spelled that way!) means full. It isn’t that OVER full need to lie down and rest can’t move full. It is that point when you are satisfied. Not overboard. You could add some modifiers such as:

Māʻona maikaʻi – to have eaten just the right amount because you are satisfied

Māʻona piha or māʻona loa – completely full

Mā’ona can also refer to intoxication – inu a mā’ona – drink until intoxicated.

Ua māʻona ʻoe? – Have you eaten? (In other words, are you satisfied with food)

Māʻona ka ʻuhane i ka ʻōlelo a ke Akua – the spirit is sustained by the word of God.

Ua māʻona ʻo Kāne i ka ʻawa – Kāne is intoxicated from kava (from the mele Ke Welina)


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