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To visit, the sights; to stroll, make a tour, take a walk; to look upon (Puk. 3.4); spectator.  And off I go! Uihā! Two years ago, I traveled with my mom, and seven other members of my family all the … Continue reading

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To remember, recall, commemorate, reflect deeply on, meditate. Today marks the 9th anniversary of the passing of my dad, Shermaih Kahuakai Iaea, Jr. He died exactly one month before his birthday and his funeral was held exactly one week later … Continue reading

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1. n. Spring (of water). Cf. pūnāwai. Puna-hou (place), new spring. Wai puna, spring water. (PPN puna.) 2. n. Coral, lime, plaster, mortar, whitewash, calcium; coral container, as for dye, coral rubber. E lawe ʻo ia i ka puna hou e … Continue reading

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