1. nvt. To twist, braid, spin; twisted, braided; threadlike; faint streak of light. See lei hilo. Ua hilo ʻia i ke aho a ke aloha, braided with the cords of love. He olonā i hilo ʻia (Puk. 26.1), fine twined linen . hoʻo.hilo Caus/sim. Rare. (PPN filo.)

2. (Cap.) n. First night of the new moon. See Malo 35. (PCP filo.)

3. (Cap.) n. Name of a famous Polynesian navigator for whom the city and district may have been named. See sayings, Hilo(Eng.-Hawaiian) (PCP filo.)

4. Same as mauʻu HiloHilo grass.

5. n. Gonorrhea; a running sore (Oihk. 15.3).

6. n. A variety of sweet potato.

7. See iwi hilo.

Yesterday’s moon was Hilo (sorry, no posts on Sundays!). You can see for #2 above, it is the first night of the new moon. If the skies are clear at night, it should be nice and dark. Tonight’s moon is Hoaka.

Hilo is also the location of one of my favorite towns. According the Place names of Hawaiʻi book, there are three sections of Hilo: Hilo One (sand Hilo) near the sea; Hilo Hanakahi, an inland section toward Keaukaha; and Hilo Palikū (Hilo of the upright cliff), east of the Wailuku River. It is not clear to me whether Hilo was named after the first moon or a Polynesian navigator, but what is known is that Hilo is frequently referred to as Hilo Hanakahi, Hanakahi being a famous chief of Hilo and a symbol of peace. Famous, also, is the name of Hilo’s rain, ua kani lehua, the rain which sounds upon the lehua.

The twisting style of lei making (think ti leaf) is referred to as “hilo” style.

hilo demo

Ugh, we don’t need to go into the gonorrhea thing (#5 above).

Hilo ʻāina ua lokuloku – Hilo fo the pouring rain (especially if there is going to be a county fair or Merrie Monarch)

Hilo i ka ua kinakinai, ka ua mao ʻole – Hilo of the constant rain, where it never clears up.

Hilo iki, pali ʻeleʻele – Little Hilo of the dark cliffs

Hilo mahi haʻaheo – Hilo of the proud farmers

Hilo nahele paoa i ke ʻala – Hilo, where the forest is imbued with fragrance.

Hilo ʻia a paʻa – Twisted and made firm (a marriage).

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