Wiwo ʻole

The opposite of wiwo ‘ole is wiwo: 1. Fearful, bashful, modest, afraid, timid, shy.  The only difference is the ‘ole. It is the same ‘ole that appears in ‘a‘ole for “no”. In other words, when you add the suffix ‘ole, it negates the word. So wiwo means fearful, bashful, modest, afraid, timid, shy, wiwo ‘ole means fearless, bold, courageous.

Yes, this is the same word that appears in the ‘ohana name of Braddah Iz: Kamakawiwo‘ole.

ka – the

maka – face or eyes

   wiwo ‘ole – fearless

In translating most Hawaiian names or phrases, after the determiner or kaʻi  (in this case, “the”) we begin the English translation “backwards”: the fearless eyes or the fearless face.

Hana wiwo ‘ole – bold or brave deed, adventure

mea wiwo ‘ole – adventurer

He kanaka wiwo ‘ole ‘o ia – She is a fearless person

Ua ‘ike ‘ia ka hana wiwo ‘ole – The brave deed was observed

There are other words with similar meanings, such as koa (synonymous with warrior, for their fearlessness) and maka‘u ‘ole (like wiwo, maka‘u means afraid or fearful). Mai maka‘u i ka hana, maka‘u i ka moloä-Don’t fear work, fear laziness.

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