nvi. Trip, voyage, journey, mission, procession, parade; to travel, parade. 

Guess what? Sing it with me: “I’m leavin’, on a jet plane, don’t know when…” Ah, but I do. I will be back in a week.

I am going on a huakaʻi. E huakaʻi ana au. Heading to the land of the long white cloud. Aotearoa. Known by the Pakeha as New Zealand. Yup. Don’t be jealous. It is in my destiny to be a traveler. My father’s Hawaiian name was Kahuakaʻi – The voyager. The traveler. And so I must continue in the tradition of my makua kāne. Heck, continuing on in the tradition of MY PEOPLE! WE ARE VOYAGERS! WE SAIL THE VASTNESS OF THE OPEN OCEAN! And have from the beginning of time. It is in my genes to want to explore, go on journeys. I have always said I am a missionary. Of the going on a mission of exploration to learn more missionary group.

Hele on status coming up.

See  you in another week or so!


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