Lush and beautiful verdure; a place where beautiful plants thrive; festively adorned.

Wehi means to adorned or decorative.  Ulu means to grow.  So literally uluwehi means “decorative growth”.  You hear uluwehi in songs, names, chants.  It is quite a beautiful word, only filled with good and positive feelings.  In fact, all of the uluwehi people I know are WONDERFUL and CHARMING, and definitely a festive adornment no matter where they are.  One of my favorite Uluwehi is a very popular entertainer and adorns himself in pīkake whenever possible.

If something or someone is all uluwehi he is probably all adorned in beautiful greenery.

A variation of uluwehi is uluwehiwehi.  Same meaning. Just a reduplication of wehi.


Uluwehiwehi ʻoe i kaʻu ʻike lā, e ka Royal Hawaiian Hotel – You area so festive to see, O Royal Hawaiian Hotel.

Uluwehiwehi ‘oe Lanikāula – Lanikāula (Kukui grove on Molokaʻi) you are lush lush and beautiful.

Uluwehi ʻo Kaʻala i ka maile me ka palapalai – Kaʻala is adorned in maile

and palapalai.

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