1. hoʻo.mali.mali To flatter (Hal. 78.36), wheedle; to mollify with soft words or a gift; to soothe, quiet. (PPN malimali.)

Check out the definition: to flatter, to mollify with soft words or a gift. Hoʻomalimali. In other words, using some sweet talk, usually for a specific purpose.

Why did I pick this word? Well, once in a while, even the person who says he doesn’t know much Hawaiian language will, through conversation, use a word that he has heard growing up in Hawaiʻi. Hoʻomalimali is one of those words.

“I am just going to hoʻomalimali him so I can go on the trip.” “Oh, her, she is always trying to hoʻomalimali. Brown noser.” Love it when words like this pop up, because as time moves on it seems that we are hearing less and less of these Hawaiian words being used in our homes. I don’t know why. I guess we just forget them, or don’t see much purpose in using them.

Stay tuned for more of these hua ʻōlelo (words) that we would hear lots growing up, but maybe not so much anymore.

Ua hoʻomalimali ʻo ia i kāna kāne – She flattered her husband.

E hoʻomalimali ana ka māmā i kāna keiki – The mom is soothing her child.

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