nvt. Sudden remembrance, memory, especially of a loved one; fond recollection; premonition; to recall, recollect fondly. Haliʻa aloha, cherished or loving memory; to remember fondly. hoʻo.haliʻa To evoke reminiscence or recollection; remembrance; to remind.

Today, this week, is a time of remembrance. We have lost loved ones this week and today we remember, fondly, haliʻa, the passing of too many on the east coast with the tragedy known as 9/11.

9-11-light-memorial-e1315504442332-475x298I love that the Hawaiian language has one word that encompasses those fond memories, especially loving memories of people we hold dear. Haliʻa aloha is a bit of a reduplication of the term. Haliʻa already conjures up images of fondness but you frequently will have aloha following it, reduplicating the manaʻo.

E kau mai ana ka haliʻa no sweet tubarose poina ʻole – A fond memory comes to me of the sweet tuberose, so unforgettable (from the mele “Sweet Tuberose” by Charles E. King)

He oiaio, ua lalapa ae la ke aloha iloko ona, olino ae la ka halia a nopu hulili ae la ka weli hoomanao no kana Aliiwahine – Truthfully, aloha is rising up from within, fond memories shining forth  and fearful thoughts are springing to mind for his chiefess (written about Kalākaua in thinking of his wife, Chiefess Kapiʻolani, as he travels to Japan.)

Na kulu waimaka a ke aloha (teardrops of love)
Me oe ke aloha waimaka nui (with you these tears of love)
Me a’u ka halia e waiho ai  (with me memories remain)
(Nūpepa Kūʻokoʻa Buke 1, Helu 14 1 Malaki 1862)

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