nvt. Hope, confidence, expectation; to hope

Manaʻolana (one of the three greatest things) is an interesting word. Again, like yesterday’s word, manaʻoʻiʻo, manaʻolana has the same “prefix”, manaʻo, meaning thought, idea, opinion. –Lana is a nominalizing suffix and can be found in other words, like kaulana (famous) and kūlana (stature, rank). For those of you a bit more familiar with Hawaiian, ‘ana is also a nominalized word but can function on its own.

I like to think of manaʻolana a different way: manaʻo as thought and lana meaning to float. Or calm and still like water.. Lana ka manaʻo means hopeful, without worry, thoughtful.  When my thoughts are floating, it is generally a good feeling, opposite of that “sinking” feeling. Or when my thoughts are calm and still, I am at a place of peace. I like to think of that as a place of hope and confidence as opposed to a place of turbulence and stress.

Mana’olana au e holo pono ka papahana i kēia lā – I hope that the project progresses well today.

Nui ka manaʻolana ma ka wā kalikimaka – There is a lot of hope during Christmas time.


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