Leka Uila

electric mail (email)

9846633Today’s momi is simple enough.  It is the means by which you communicate both professionally and personally, everyday, via leka uila, email!  One note of interest is that this word was translated into Hawaiian by virtue of its function, that is, to send someone a letter electronically.  The word leka is a transliteration of the English word letter, and although this is also considered a “new” word historically (after all, prior to 1820 there was no written language in Hawaiʻi), it is rather old.

Our aliʻi, especially in the mid to late 1800s, were quite fond of writing letters.  In fact, you would be quite impressed with their command of the English language and the beauty of their written Hawaiian.  And not just aliʻi.  Hawaiians loved communicating through the written word as evidenced by the vast amounts of letters, diaries and newspaper submissions.  Some smart our people!


Makemake au i ka leka uila – I like emails.

Ua heluhelu ʻoe i kāna leka uila? – Did you read his email?

Nui kaʻu mau leka uila i kēlā lā kēia lā – I have so many emails everyday.

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