nvi. Trip, voyage, journey, mission, procession, parade; to travel, parade. 

My dad’s Hawaiian name was Kahuakaʻi. We always pronounced it Kahuakai (without the ʻokina) until I started learning the Hawaiian language and then I realized that it was probably Kahuakaʻi – the voyage. Or maybe the journey. Or parade. Who knows. He didn’t  share manaʻo with me about his name when he was alive. Twas that generation that was discouraged from speaking Hawaiian.

ka – the

huakaʻi – trip, voyage, journey, parade…

I am going to reason with myself that my love for traveling stems from my dad! He was destined to be a traveler, living out the calling of his name. And he was a traveler, thanks to his military career.

I have had the good fortune of traveling to places near and far. And Tuesday starts my big huakaʻi to the mother land. Literally. Yup. The land of my mother. My mom and I will be taking a trip to Copenhagen, Denmark. She hasn’t been home in over 30 years. And I haven’t been there since 1975.


He Momi will be on a hiatus until I return. I know you’ll send me good thoughts when I am on my huakaʻi. I look forward to sharing my adventures!

E huakaʻi ana au i Kenemaka – I am going to travel to Denmark.

I huakaʻi maikaʻi – Have a good trip!

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3 Responses to Huakaʻi

  1. Inger says:

    Aloha e Momi, First I want to thank you for sending out the daily Hawaiian word, I am enjoying that very much. Tusinde tak. Today I read that youʻre going on a huakaʻi with your Mom to Denmark because your Mom is Danish. That was a real surprise to hear of your Danish heritage being a Hawaiian native speaker. I am Danish and was last “home” 5 years ago, I have lived in Hawaiʻi for 40 years. Now I wish I could fit in your pocket for this huakaʻi. Wishing you a super trip to Wonderful Copenhagen and hope our paths will cross sometime, maybe have a little chat with your Mom. God rejse, Inger Kanoe Hojfeldt

  2. Liana says:

    Mange Tak, Inger, for your comment! My mom loves meeting fellow Danes living in Hawaiʻi!

  3. inger Hojfeldt says:

    Maikaʻi! Mahalo for your response. Liana, I would love to meet your Mom one day. Hejsa!

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