vi. To shake, quake, totter, tremble, quiver.

Okay, this is a word many people know. You know that feeling you get (or at least I do) when you have to get up in front of a large (or small) group of people? Those butterflies? You feel like a good strong drink of something might do you some good?  That is haʻalulu. All nerjous, as my friend would say. Or when you have a near accident and those knees just don’t stop shaking for a long time? Haʻalulu.

I get all haʻalulu when I have to talk in front of people. Or when a policeman pulls me over (ummm…yeah). Or a near accident. What makes you all haʻalulu?

Haʻalulu au ma mua o ka haʻi ʻōlelo – I tremble before a speech.

Nui ka haʻalulu ma ka lā mua o ke kula – [I] get really nervous on the first day of school.

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