nvs. Calico; variegated in color, as of croton leaves, or of a pinto horse spotted with several colors; printed cotton cloth (modern); said also of scars left after impetigo. Eng.

Still sticking with the “theme” of Hawaiian words that we still use in everyday speaking. For the most part. Kalakoa is another one of those words. We use it when something has a variety of colors in it — like a very colorful piece of clothing. It is all kalakoa.

Funny thing is that it is one of those transliterated words. You know, the ones that come directly from an English word, in this case, the word calico. Kalakoa.

Kalakoa kona lole wāwae – His pants is all kind colors.

E nānā i ka lio kalakoa – Look at the pinto horse.

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