Wehi Lāʻau Kalikimaka

Christmas tree ornament


Today’s He Momi is simple enough and related to yesterday’s. Wehi literally means decoration, adornment, or ornament. It also refers to a song composed as an adornment or a song honoring someone. A good example of this might be the song Kaipoleimanu, written by Queen Kapiʻolani for her husband, King David Kalākaua. her name for him was Kaipoleimanu, poetically translated as a beloved/cherished sweetheart.

Those round ornaments that you may hang from your lāʻau kalikimaka are called pōpō (meaning ball) lāʻau kalikimaka.

Pono e kūʻai i nā wehi lāʻau kalikimaka hou – [We] have to buy new Christmas tree ornaments.

Nani nā wehi lāʻau kalikimaka ma kēia – The Christmas tree decorations on this [one] is beautiful.


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