Mele Manaka

Merrie Monarch

Competition begins tonight, Gang! Oh, the excitement in the air!!! I cannot even think about anything else and I am not even on the stage. The buzz around Hilo is incredible. If you aren’t there, you are SQUARE. Or extremely sad. Or just not part of the hula Hawaiian music community.

Want to livestream it? Click here

Check out some great photos here.

And if you are at home and you are going to watch the competition on tv or via livestream, check out the Merrie Haiku page on Facebook. It is where it is at to share your joy, what you love, how you’re feeling, via poetry.

Don’t know anything about Mele Manaka? Book your flight to Hilo next year, on Easter Sunday, and stay the week. Good luck booking a hotel. It is a week of free entertainment around town, craft fairs galore, hula dancers in droves, lei, flowers, food, and fun.


Hālau o Kekuhi performing at Hōʻike last night. Perfection.


PC: Kuʻulei Kanahele

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