Leʻaleʻa ka ʻōlelo i ka pohu aku o loko

Conversation is pleasant when the inside is calm

And the inside is calm because the people are full! They have eaten! The hunger has been satisfied.

This is an ʻōlelo noʻeau that Hawaiians have perfected. You want a good turnout at a function/meeting? SERVE FOOD! Pūpū, salad, main dish, no matter. They WILL show up. And they will be happy. This saying is evidence of why one should consider serving food of some sort at the next gathering. feed them first and they will be calm inside. No big arguments. People are much better listeners when they are satisfied. Feed the body. Then feed the soul. Hey, there is a good reason why paʻina is the same word for “to eat a meal” and “to party”.

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