1. vt. To cast or troll, as for bonito, ʻahi, and kala. (PPN sii.)

2. nvt. Dysentery, diarrhea; to flow, hiss; to purge. 

Wouldn’t you know it. At first I am dreaming (moemoeā) a good one. Then I had a cold (anu) and now there is in my midst. But rest easy, my friends. Tis my new pup, Bū, who has a bit of a issue. Yup. My shihtzu bishon has a case of the . Diarrhea. I hope he’s going to be okay. At the very least, his bout of whatever is ailing him is the inspiration of yet another random word of the day for all of you. Because whatever is ailing him, you know, is ailing me. Everytime he has to go, I have to take him to go. Or clean up the aftermath. Good times, for sure!

Pilikia ʻo ia i ka – He is troubled by diarrhea.

Ua loaʻa ʻo ia i ka – He has diarrhea (or, more appropriately and literally, diarrhea has him).


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