1. Cool, cold; coolness, temperature. Nu ʻuanu (place name), cool elevation. hoʻānu To cool. (PCP anu.)

2. nvi. Cold, influenza; to have a cold. Ua loa ʻa i ke anu, to get a cold.

It must be that time of the year again. Maybe it is the calm after the business of the holiday season. Or perhaps it is just the exposure to all the little ones at school. He anu koʻu – I have a cold. I am in possession of a cold. In addition to that cold hard fact (just saw the pun on the re-read, lol), anu/anuanu ke anilā ma ke kakahiaka – The weather is cold in the mornings!!! BRRRRR!!! So just like in English, the word cold, anu, refers to temperature cold as well as that under the weather feeling complete with stuffy alternating runny nose, sneezes, and fatigue. Yes. That is my life right now.

Honi ana i ke anu i ka mea huʻihuʻi – She smells the cool and refreshing air (from the mele, He Inoa no Pauahi)

O ka Bea keokeo ke alii o na holoholona ma na aina anu – The polar bear is the king of animals in the cold lands (from He Mooolelo o na holoholona wawae cha).

He anu loa ka makani mamua o ka hau – The wind is colder than ice.
He oi aku ke anu o ka makani mamua o ka hau – The coldness of the wind surpasses that of ice. (from the First Book in Hawaiian)

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