nvs. Learned, enlightened, intelligent, wise; learning, knowledge, wisdom, science. 

We go to kula to be enlightened. We search for knowledge. We strive to gain knowledge and be wise. This is naʻauao. Naʻauao encompasses everything that is good and wise.

It is an interesting word. Naʻauao is comprised of two words: naʻau, meaning intestines, and ao, meaning daylight or light. Put together it literally means “daylight intestines.” In other words, your insides are enlightened. LIT UP! YOU SEE THE LIGHT! Isn’t it a beautiful way of painting a picture of one that is educated? That person is all lit up, a fire burning inside.

The opposite of naʻauao is naʻaupō. Guess what pō means.  You got it! Dark or night. Dark intestines. Ignorant. No light on. No one’s home. Go get some light put inside. OPEN YOUR MIND!

Naʻauao ʻike mua – foresight

Hoʻomana Naʻauao – Christian Science

Hoʻonaʻauao – To educate, instruct; educational, instructive, civilized.

Ua hoʻonaʻauao ʻia ʻoia –  He was educated.

Kuʻu home hoʻonaʻauao – My home of learning.

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