nvs. Life, health, well-being, living, livelihood, means of support, salvation; alive, living; curable, spared, recovered; healed; to live; to spare, save, heal, grant life, survive, thrive. (See Gram. 4.4.) Ola loa, long life, longevity. 

Life. Health. Well-Being.

Ola is a popular word in Hawaiʻi, used by many businesses and organizations striving for health and well-being. Frequently the word pono is attached – Ola Pono – pono meaning righteous, goodness all that is correct and just. Perhaps a stronger focus on WELL-being. In all ways, inside and out, all four corners of the body (nā kihi ʻehā o ke kino).

Ola nā iwi – The bones live. (Said of a respected elder who is well cared for by his family.)

An elder who is cared for by his ʻohana is one who is not forgotten. His iwi, his bones, live. Iwi is figuratively used to refer to old age. Ola nā iwi goes beyond life though. Bones contain the mana (“divine” power, of sorts) of each individual. In times gone by, the iwi were hidden or watched over lest they get into the hands of the enemy. Iwi must always be protected.

I will spend a few days on this word ola, getting you acquainted with ola as it relates to Hawaiian manaʻo.

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6 Responses to Ola

  1. Stacie Harrington says:

    Mahalo e Liana for returning

  2. Tati says:

    Ola! Hauʻoli loa ke ʻike maka ʻia ai i kēia momi i kaʻu waihona i kēia lā 😉

  3. Thompson, Eloise says:

    Hi Liana:

    I always love getting a new He Momi! Thanks! I’m here at the house, again, for only a short trip (a little over a week) to paradise. My daughter, Lili, is here with me and we’re actually leaving tomorrow.

    Just thought I’d mention that this afternoon (5 o’clock show), we’re planning to go to the Honokaa Theatre to see La La Land….so if you haven’t seen it or have the time or somehow it would work out, come over to it…would love to have you meet my daughter. Otherwise, catch up with you next time I’m in town. Aloha, Eloise

    Eloise K. Thompson

    315 South 1st West

    Missoula, MT 59801

    406-549-3636 home

    406-531-5644 cell


  4. Liana says:

    Ha! Nothing like putting your info out there! Next time let me know at least 2 weeks in advance before you come home! For sure we need to eat some fish and poi or thai food together.

  5. Liana says:

    MAHALO NUI! Ola!

  6. Liana says:

    Stacie – I MISS YOUR FACE! Ola!

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