Improvement, progress. To improve.

This is the time. Graduations abound. Students are completing one chapter in their lives, gearing up for the next chapter. It never ends, right? Holomua. Progressing. Moving forward.

Holomua is comprised of two words: holo – to go; mua – forward. Go forward.

I love signing my graduation cards with this word. HOLOMUA!

It is a perfect word for those who have are doing big things in their lives. A good reminder to keep going!

It is also a good word for those who are meeting difficult challenges. They need to be encouraged to holomua. That’s the more difficult one, right? If you are up against some negativity or you have issues going on, sometimes it is SO VERY HARD to holomua. But you must. One small step at a time. Go forward. Sometimes my friends and I joke (because sometimes we have to) and instead of saying holomua we say kolomua (kolo meaning to crawl). Sometimes it feels like when hard times hit the moving forward is such a slow process. Instead of running forward we feel like we are crawling, on hands and knees, like a baby. But that is okay, too. Main thing it is in the mua direction. Keep going forward.

Pūpūkahi i holomua – Unite in order to progress.

Don’t you like this ʻōlelo noʻeau? Hawaiians got it going on. They know the way to get ahead is to work together.

Copyright: 2017 – Liana Iaea Honda. All rights reserved. All versions of “He Momi e Lei ai”, in its entirety, past and present, is the property of L. K. I. Honda. Reproduction and use of any kind other than the sharing of this website is prohibited without written consent. Alteration to the original content in any form is prohibited in every and any instance, and use in any other variant is prohibited without written consent of the author. Address inquiries to: hemomi [at] gmail.com. Definitions and wise sayings are from: Hawaiian Dictionary by Pukui and Elbert, 1986. ʻŌlelo Noʻeau – Hawaiian Proverbs & Poetical Sayings by Mary Kawena Pukui, 1983.

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