Solar Eclipse (literally: dark day)

I was watching KGMB news this morning as Mileka Lincoln (LOVE HER!) lamented the clouds obscuring the view of the solar eclipse. People gathered on the Eastern shores of Oʻahu only to be disappointed by the lāuli, or lack thereof.

Rest assured, the view on Hawaiʻi Island was where you should have been (Mileka should have flown home!). The sky, at least from Hāmākua and Waimea, was incredible this morning. Mauna Kea cloaked herself in white for the occasion, as if to properly dress for such a formal occasion as she greets her akua ʻohana, Kānehoalani (the sun) and Hina (the moon). Perhaps she knew today is a special day as petitioners file their Exceptions to the proposed findings (to permit TMT to move forward).

Eō e Poliʻahu i ke kapu, i ka piko o Mauna a Wākea. Ola!


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