1. Moon, month; moonlight.

2. Crescent-shaped fishhook.

3. Eye of the snail at the end of its horn.

4. Farm, plantation, patch.

5. A variety of onion, similar to silver onion.

6. A variety of sweet potato.

It is no secret that I am a lover of all things related to the mahina – moon. When I see the mahina in the night sky (or sometimes day sky), I am drawn to it. Its pull extends beyond that of the tides. Mesmerizing.

Hawaiians use the mahina and its phases to guide their decision-making in fishing and farming. The study of the mahina and all it is a full time endeavor.

Hina – goddess of the moon and mother to the demi god Māui. Her name can be found in the word mahina. Hina is also mother to Molokaʻi (Molokaʻi nui a Hina).

This weekend is the ʻAimalama Conference, the Pacific People’s Lunar Conference on Climate Change. I, for one, am grateful for the opportunity to participate in a very small way, to listen to the wisdom of Pacific Islanders. “Kaulana Mahina (Hawaiian lunar calendar) is a proficient tool to note baselines for healthy environments followed by tracking changes that are occuring daily, seasonaly, annually, and episodically.” This is exciting stuff.

Stay tuned for more words related to our mahina.

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