Kū i ka Welo

Fits into the family behavior pattern.
Whether good or bad, one’s behavior is judged by the family he belongs to.

Think about it for a minute. True, right? There are certain family traits that one would expect all offspring to emanate. Can you think of a family like this? When we think famous, perhaps the Kennedy family come to mind. Or Kardashians? How about locally? And within your own circle/neighborhood?

When kids/teens exhibit certain behavior, whether good or bad, it is usually attributed to the parents or even the grandparents of the family. And when it goes against the “welo” it is a bit shocking. “Wow, that’s not how he was raised” or “that is a resilient kid, considering his upbringing”. We hear things like that. Welo is that type of word — those things passed on generation to generation, a heritage kind of thing. You might hear “Welo ʻohana” – as a family trait. “That’s his welo ʻohana”.

What is your welo ʻohana? What are those traits that your ʻohana emanates? Quiet but effective? Loud? Hard workers? A little quirky? Talkative? It is always something to ponder.

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