1. Term of address for a male’s sister or female cousin, sometimes replacing the more common kaikuahine. (PPN tuafafine.)

2. (More commonly Tuahine). Name of a misty rain famous in Mānoa, Oʻahu, named for Kuahine, who turned to rain after the murder of her daughter, Ka-hala-o-Puna; the rain is also in other localities. See ex., haʻalulu, haʻanipo.

Continuing on our familial terms theme, today’s He Momi is the word for sister of a brother. Kuahine is more frequently said as kaikuahine.

Remember, a sister of a sister is either a kuaʻana or kaina. Only a male can have refer to a sister or a female cousin as a kuahine. And unlike kaina and kuaʻana, a kuahine does not distinguish whether the sister is older or younger.

Kuahine (Tuahine) is also the name of the rain in Mānoa. “Rain Tuahine o Mānoa.” Hopefully you will hear that in a song and be able to recognize it.

He kaikuahine ko Kaleo – Kaleo has a sister.

ʻAʻohe ona kuahine – He doesn’t have any sisters.

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