Brother or male cousin of a female, usually used only as term of address or as an affectionate variation of kaikunāne. (PPN tu(o)ngaʻane).

We are still spending the week learning sibling terms: kuaʻana, kaina, kuahine, and finally, kunāne. Kunāne is the word used for brother of a female. I have two kunāne, both older. More commonly used as kaikunāne.

When to use the shorter or longer version of all these terms?

kuaʻana – kaikuaʻana

kaina – kaikaina

kuahine – kaikuahine

kunāne – kaikunāne

There is a sense of “closeness” or, as stated above, affection, associated with the use of the shorter versions.

ʻElua oʻu kaikunāne – I have two brothers.

Aloha au i koʻu kunāne – I love my brother.

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