1. n. The kāhili flower (Grevillea banksii), so named because first planted near the town of Haʻi-kū, Maui. (Neal 321.) Also kāhili, and ʻoka pua ʻulaʻula on Niʻihau

2. vs. Haughty, conceited. Rare.

Land division and point, Honomū qd., Hawaiʻi. Land section, Līhuʻe district, Kauaʻi. Quadrangle, land section, village, elementary school, park, reservoir, ditch, East Maui. Valley, Kāne-ʻohe qd., Oʻahu. Lit., speak abruptly or sharp break.

You won’t believe the inspiration for today’s He Momi. If you are on Facebook, and you are a Merrie Monarch week fan, then maybe you won’t be surprised. Long story short, there is a FB page called Merrie Haiku where group members post haiku all Merrie Monarch week long. Yup. Life is short. Live it up. 5-7-5 all week long, from morning to night. People live for this stuff. Trust me.

There are several places in our islands (Hawaiʻi, Kauaʻi, Maui, Oʻahu) pronounced by many as Haiku but trust me, those places were not named after a form of poetry. The correct pronunciation is: hah – ʻee – coo (like the sound from a dove coo). Haʻikū, besides being a place name, also means haughty or conceited. Much like hoʻokano.

So two things you gain from today’s He Momi – the real pronunciation of the places, Haʻikū, and a chance to join a fun Facebook page to compose haiku during Merrie Monarch week. Go take a look!

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